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Happy New Year! Here Are Ways to Save on Energy Bills in 2018.

All of us at Snell wish you a safe and prosperous New Year. We are so thankful for your business in 2017 and hope you’ll continue to ask us for help in upcoming years. But as much as we love to get your calls, we’d like to give you tips to minimize heating and cooling […]

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It’s the First Day of Fall! Is Your Home Ready for Cooler Weather?

Fall in Northern Virginia is beautiful, with colorful trees and people everywhere enjoying mild temperatures. But fall also signals cooler weather in the near future, so before temperatures drop, it’s good to know how to prepare your home to keep your family warm and safe this season. Seal Cracks and Replace Weather Stripping You may have done this at the […]

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Summer Allergies are Peaking in Northern Virginia

Hot, humid weather in Northern Virginia is the perfect breeding ground for mold spores, so if you deal with mold allergies you’ll want to watch for high count days for the next few weeks of August. After that, ragweed will start to rear its ugly head and cause irritating symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing and a […]

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Have Spring Allergies? Breathe Easier In Your Home With These Tips

If you’re allergic to pollen, you’re probably not impressed with the lovely green grass and beautiful flowers popping up around Northern Virginia. Most allergy sufferers like to stay indoors during peak pollen hours (between 5 and 10 a.m.), but if you’re not following the right steps, you’ll have trouble breathing even inside your home. Follow these […]

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Get a Jump On Spring HVAC Maintenance

Spring won’t arrive for another month, but with the mild weather we’re expecting in Northern Virginia in the coming weeks, it’s not a bad time to discuss air conditioning maintenance. Since you want to make sure your AC is working well when warm weather arrives, scheduling a spring HVAC maintenance visit will give you time to […]

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Ragweed season is here! Find out how to deal with it.

Ragweed season has officially begun, and it’s only going to get worse. When ragweed flowers start to release their pollen, it ends up everywhere, causing allergy sufferers to sneeze, get headaches, and have asthma attacks. There’s no way to stop nature in its tracks, but there are a few smart things you can do to get through the season […]

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