Why Us?

Thank you for choosing to learn more about the Stand-Up Guys from Snell.

Heating Repair Reston VA | Oak Hill VA | Oakton VA | Ashburn VA

Snell is a family owned and operated heating and air conditioning company established in 1972. More than forty years in business means we have done thousands of HVAC installations and repairs throughout Northern Virginia.

We believe that we have to earn the right to ask you for your business, and we thank you for giving us that chance.

And all that starts here, with you feeling safe, comfortable and confident with the company you choose. We know that when you invite a company into your home, you are putting a lot of faith and trust into people you have never met. And we’ll never take that for granted.

We are completely client-focused and understand that it’s all about getting each service or installation “just right”. It’s seeing how many of our customers we can make smile. It is our goal that you will think of us as more of a friend you can call on when you need us, rather than a business that may know you by a number.

All of our work is performed by experienced professionals, and they are taught to do it the Snell way.  Absolutely Positively Fixed Right or it’s Free, and we mean it. If a repair fails during the season, we will repair it again absolutely free.

We have earned a tremendous reputation for providing outstanding service. Our customers are the ones that keep us in business. Over 60% of our new work comes from the referrals of people we have serviced through the years.