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  • lennox pureair destroys odors
    Lennox PureAir™ Destroys Household Vapors and Odors

    Unpleasant smells can have unpleasant effects. PureAir™ destroys household odors and chemical vapors from pets, cooking, and cleaning products.

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  • lennox pureair kills germs
    Lennox PureAir™ Combats 90% of Germs & Bacteria

    If they make it into circulation, they can make you sick. PureAir™ combats 90% of germs and bacteria down to .01 micron*

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  • lennox pureair system
    Lennox PureAir™ Filters Out Airborne Particles

    You can’t see them. But you don’t want to breathe them. PureAir™ filters out more than 95% particles down to .3 micron*.

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