hVAC system tune-up special

Top 5 Benefits of Our HVAC Tune-Up’s

Lower Utility Bills

Hiring a licensed technician to perform the HVAC tune-up will help your system operate more efficiently through the season. Keeping every part of the HVAC system working at full capacity helps to increase efficiency during operation, which in turn lowers utility bill costs.

Extended Equipment Life

Hiring a professional to perform regular HVAC tune-ups will help prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system. The team at Snell Heating & Air Conditioning will lubricate all moving parts, inspect or clean condensate drains, and test the unit’s starting capabilities. Our goal is to prevent the deterioration of internal parts and components in your HVAC system.

Fewer Repairs

During a seasonal HVAC tune-up appointment, our technicians will perform an inspection of your HVAC system to detect any issues, big or small, before these could turn into a big problem with expensive repairs. The cleaning, lubrication, and assessment of your HVAC system will keep it running at peak performance, to ultimately reduce any breakdowns and minimize potential problems during operation.

Improved Safety

Safety is our top priority, especially when your family and loved ones are involved. Every HVAC repair or maintenance session includes a review of possible problem areas and any signs of occurring issues.

Improved Capacity

Once the tune-up is complete, your system should be running at its top efficiency and performance. With all of the important parts lubricated, adjusted, and inspected, your HVAC system will have improved capacity. This will help you system have an easier time meeting your home’s cooling needs.


Every one of our expert technicians employs Snell’s cleanliness best-practices, including:

  • Using shoe covers and drop cloths in homes
  • Using waterless soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant surface wipes on every job
  • Frequent cleaning of hands, tools, and work surfaces
  • Sick workers are staying home and being paid for sick time

We care about the health of our team, and how their health may affect you. That’s why we ask all technicians to closely monitor their own health and follow CDC guidelines on identifying symptoms, medical testing, and self-isolation.