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Heating Repair Services in Arlington & Other Areas of Virginia

The professionals at Snell Heating & Air Conditioning know the importance of your household appliances. Our team provides reliable and safe heating repair and installation services for gas or electric furnaces. Our heating company near you in Virginia offers heating services in areas such as Reston, Centreville, Arlington, and Alexandria. Give us a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 or book an appointment online to receive assistance with a heating issue. Our skilled technicians know the ins and outs of heating repair and installation. Our work is backed by our several guarantees.

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Keep your home the proper temperature this year with the help of Snell Heating & Air Conditioning. At Snell Heating & Air, we guarantee the same low rate 24hrs, 7 days a week, making it easy to leave your emergency home heating needs to the professionals at Snell.

Furnace Repair & Install Services

Electric and gas furnaces each come with advantages and disadvantages. Electric furnaces are typically quieter, quicker to install, and easier to maintain in comparison to a gas furnace. Though electric furnaces are cheaper to install, they typically have a higher monthly cost. However, electric furnaces tend to be more durable and have an average lifespan of 20-30 years.

Gas furnaces, on the other hand, are more expensive to install but tend to be cheaper to operate each month. Since gas is being used, you will also need to have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home to protect your family from gas leaks. Gas furnaces have a shorter lifespan, with an average of 15-20 years.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Snell Heating & Air offers whole-house humidifier installation, repair, and air filtration system replacement service in the Northern Virginia region. We offer a full line of indoor air quality products such as electronic and electrostatic air cleaners, UV air disinfection systems, high-efficiency HEPA air-purifying filtration systems, and whole-house humidifiers.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Since the early 1970s, most new homes have implemented a more energy-efficient design in their construction. Homes were built “tighter” using additional insulation, double glass windows/doors, and more weather stripping. This “tighter” method of construction is more resistant to fresh air exchanges and therefore tends to trap stale, stagnant, and polluted air. Snell Heating & Air can improve your air quality today!

Electronic Air Cleaners

These electronic devices filter out large particles and contaminants from the air indoors. Electronically charged devices trap the tiny particles including viruses and bacteria in the collector plate. These plates help remove small breathable particles and other bioaerosols. The team at our heating company near you provides dependable electronic air cleaner installation or replacement services.

Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrostatic air cleaners are highly efficient filtration devices. Electrostatic cleaners create attractions to remove about 70% fine particulate matter such as dust and cigarette smoke from the air.

UV Air Disinfection Systems

Our affordable UV air disinfection system helps kill bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and other unwanted living things in our home. Particles such as pollen, dust, food, and pet odor can be absorbed with UV light to purify the air as it passes through. This system kills bacteria, odors, and other contaminants.

High-Efficiency or HEPA Filters

High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA removes small breathable particles and other bioaerosols. These hospital grade high-efficient systems have the highest filtration possible. This system removes particles, contaminants, bioaerosols down to 0.3%, and is 99.97% effective.

Whole House Humidifiers

On average, most of us spend around 90% of our lives indoors. Since poor indoor air quality can negatively impact you and your family, you should take the proper measures to improve the indoor air quality in your home. Improper humidity levels in your home can result in dry skin, colder homes, damage to property, and even can make it easier for viruses to spread. Luckily, these problems can be easily prevented with a whole-house humidifier. Snell Heating & Air provides fast whole-house humidifier and heating repair or installation services to homes in areas of Virginia such as Reston, Arlington, Centreville, and Alexandria.

A whole-house humidifier is installed in your ductwork near your furnace, either on the supply or the return end. The humidifying unit is connected directly to your home’s water supply. Inside your whole-house humidifier, you will find either a humidifier pad, a rotating drum, or a steaming system that is used to evenly distribute water into the air in your home. Air from your ducts enters the humidifier and is exposed to water inside. Water evaporates into the air, increasing the moisture levels of the air that exits the humidifier on the other side.

Heating Repair & Indoor Air Quality Services in Virginia

The team of indoor air specialists at Snell Heating & Air Conditioning provide reliable heating repair services in areas of Virginia such as Centreville, Arlington, Alexandria, and Reston. Whether it may be a replacement, repair, or installation, our skilled crew will walk you through their entire diagnostic process, sharing their knowledge with you every step of the way to help make the best decision for your home. Give our team a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 or book an appointment on our website to receive assistance with a heating issue.

Call us at (703) 543-9649 for fast and reliable heating services! Our team of local HVAC technicians will help you find an energy-efficient furnace for your house.

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