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Plumbing Services When You Need Them Most

At Snell Heating & Air, we offer more than just quality HVAC services. We are experts in all your plumbing repair needs from water heaters to gas and water line leaks. Our team of licensed plumbers provides plumbing repair and installation services to homes in areas of Virginia such as Alexandria, Centreville, Reston, and Arlington.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services

Water heaters can be dangerous to inexperienced homeowners. Our team provides dependable plumbing and water heater repair, installation, or replacement services to residents in Virginia.

Trying to diagnose a water heater problem is never simple. There are various reasons why parts start to go bad or break. One major sign to look for are noises coming from your water heater. Here is a list of sounds you may hear and what they could mean:

Popping Sounds

This is the most common noise you will hear. When this occurs, it typically means your water heater has excess mineral deposits and sediment collecting at the bottom. This is the most problematic when there is hard water in the home. Mineral deposits (mainly lime and calcium), sand, and any debris that might travel through the water supply can stick to the bottom of your water heater.

Screeching Noises

This noise indicates a restriction in water flow. The most likely cause is the inlet control valve on the water heater. A partially closed valve will prevent water from flowing through the pipes.

Crackling Sounds

If you have a gas-powered water heater, it’s possible there’s condensation on the burner. Although the noise may be annoying, it is not a sign of anything wrong with your water heater. No action required, here.

Sizzling Noises

When there is a leak in your water heater, this could cause a sizzle-like sound. When water drips into the burner, it creates this noise. Much like when your coffee drips onto your heating element of a coffee maker.

How Do I Know When My Water Lines Are Going Bad?

There are many ways you can tell there is a leak in your water lines. Many of these are visible to the eye that you simply can not miss! If you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, contact Snell and we will happily assist you the way we know best.

Wet Spots

It is important to inspect all areas around your sink, toilet, and tubs. You should be aware of any discoloration or wet spots to indicate leaks in your plumbing system.

Water In Your Yard

When there are unexplained abnormal wet spots in your yard, it is possible there is a leak or leaks in your pipes that may require a professional plumbing repair. These conditions can pose a significant danger to your children and animals.

Damp Drywall

Damp drywall and wet rings in your ceiling are clear indicators of leaking pipes in the home. If this problem is left unaddressed, you could experience further permanent damage to the home structure.

Unexplained High Water Bills

When there is unusual activity in the home and the water bill is higher than normal, there could be leaks in your pipes. This is a problem that you definitely want to be fixed immediately to avoid any extra charges.

Reliable Plumbing Services Near You in Virginia

Besides your drains and water heaters, there is a lot more plumbing maintenance to be aware of. Have you ever been laying in bed at night and heard a drip coming from your faucet, or your toilet constantly running? Besides the annoyance of constant running water, this jacks your water bill up high!

Snell Heating & Air Conditioning is a family-owned and operated HVAC and plumbing company that was established in 1972. More than forty years in the business means we have done thousands of HVAC installations and repairs throughout Northern Virginia. We believe that we have to earn the right to ask you for your business, and we thank you for giving us that chance.

Our team of licensed plumbers provides plumbing repair, replacement, tune-up, and installation services to homes in Virginia. Snell Heating & Air Conditioning provides plumbing services in areas such as Alexandria, Centreville, Arlington, and Reston.

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