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Installing a programmable thermostat, sealing your air ducts, and changing your air filters are all important ways for you to cut down on your HVAC energy consumption. But did you know that getting regular tune-ups and repairs when needed is one of the best ways to ensure that your system runs efficiently?

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Our team of local plumbers and technicians provide innovative electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, and HVAC repair services for homeowners in McLean, VA. We’re a local company dedicated to helping you cut down on your electricity bills and carbon footprint by providing a wide variety of HVAC services.

Air Conditioning Repair, Tune-Up, and Installation Services

One way to prepare your HVAC in VA for the humid summer weather is to schedule an air conditioning service. Snell Heating and Air Conditioning takes care of the numerous issues (i.e., weird odors, strange sounds, broken electrical connections, etc.) preventing your AC from running as efficiently as possible.

Once one of our trained professionals diagnoses the issue, they will provide you with an upfront quote and warn you of any minor problems they’ve detected and if they might worsen in the future.

Additionally, we can install a new AC unit when yours need replacing. Central air conditioners have a lifespan of 15 – 20 years. Knowing how old yours is will allow you to budget in advance for when you need a new unit.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Drain Blockage

The air conditioning system is responsible for removing the moisture in that humid Virginia summer air before cooling it down. Then, it goes down a drainpipe.

However, it can cause drain blockage, which results in leakage or a broken HVAC system. Take a look at the drainpipe or the catch basins underneath to see if it’s backed up.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant in your HVAC system cools the evaporator coils, which then makes the air in your home colder. If you notice that your house is warm when the air conditioning system is on, the refrigerant may be leaking. Call a professional to take a look inside your HVAC system to see if this is the case.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

While you want your evaporator coils to be cold, you do not want them to be frozen. Frozen evaporator coils cannot remove the humidity from the air in your home. Therefore, you may find that your air conditioner is emitting warm air or isn’t working at all.

Malfunctioning Fan

A malfunctioning fan means cannot remove the warm air from your home and blow the cool air back out into it. A couple of reasons why this may be happening is because the motor, motor belt, or capacitor broke. To get a new part, reach out to Snell Heating & Air.

Contaminated Condenser Coils

The condenser coils turn a gaseous refrigerant into a liquid one. They live in the box outside your home, exposed to the dirt, grime, and pollution that exists there.

When the condenser coils become contaminated by these elements, it is challenging for them to do their job, slowing down the entire cooling process. Have a professional take a look at them to determine whether they need cleaning or replacing.

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Furnace Repair, Tune-up, And Installation Services

We do a thorough job of checking every one of the parts in your furnace using our ten-step method. Keep your house warm during the fall and winter months, and ensure that everyone stays safe by getting regular maintenance done to your furnace.

Furnace Repair

Gas Furnace vs. Electric Furnace


One decision you need to make when purchasing a new furnace is choosing between gas or electric for your power source. The gas furnace installation process comes with the challenge of ensuring that it’s sealed correctly so that carbon monoxide doesn’t escape.

Installing an electric furnace isn’t much easier either because there’s a lot of wiring that goes into it. If not installed properly, your furnace could become a fire hazard. Therefore, you should leave both installations to a professional.

Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an electric furnace will save you up to 50% on your electric bill, while a gas furnace will only save you up to 10%. The reason why there’s this big of an energy efficiency difference is that the electric furnace can take nearly all energy and turn it into heat, whereas the gas furnace loses some of that energy during the heating process.

However, it takes the electric furnace longer to heat the entire house than the gas one. For this reason, many places recommend you use a gas furnace if you live somewhere with harsh winters.

Upfront Cost

While you may assume that because gas is less efficient, it costs more to run, this is not true. Natural gas is cheaper electricity. Additionally, it takes a lot of energy to distribute electricity to residential areas, making it even more expensive.


In terms of maintenance, they both need an annual check-up. However, a gas furnace will be in more need of a clean because there’s a lot of dirt that builds up and can transfer to the blower, causing it to work harder than necessary.

Furthermore, it is possible the furnace could have a gas leak that only a professional can detect. Don’t avoid getting maintenance checks if you have a gas furnace, as you may put your house in danger without knowing it.


You will get up to 20 years out of a gas furnace and up to 30 years out of an electric one. The good news is that no matter which one you decide, Snell Heating & Air Conditioning can install both.

Water Heater Services

Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services

A water heater warms up and distributes hot water throughout your home when the thermostat signals it to. If you lose that convenience, it can be a lot more difficult to balance at-home tasks such as bathing, cooking, cleaning, and more.

When your water heater is producing water that’s not clear or warm enough or making loud noises, reach out to an emergency plumber on our team in McLean, Virginia. Our 24/7 plumbing services can ensure your water is safe to drink and use. Call (703) 543-9649 and have our plumbing team be in McLean that same day for any necessary water heater repair and replacement services.

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Sump Pump Repair & Installation Services

Don’t let a storm stress you out about a basement or crawl space leak. Put your best foot forward and stop expensive water damage in its tracks by scheduling an appointment with our emergency plumbers. Our certified team will happily perform sump pump maintenance periodically. From an overactive sump pump to a noisy one, our emergency plumbing services are always available to the residents of McLean to keep your family and home safe. Try (703) 543-9649 or our online form now!

PlumberPlumbing Services

When you aren’t a professional, it can be difficult to decipher what’s wrong with your plumbing system. That’s why you need to find a plumbing repair company you trust to ensure that your home runs properly year-round.

For plumbing repair, maintenance, and installation in McLean, VA, Snell Heating and Air Conditioning is the best company for guaranteed satisfaction. You can contact us 24/7, so call or schedule an appointment online. We’ll have one of our experienced technicians at your door in no time.

Electrical Repair Services

Are you looking for reliable electrical repair and installation services in McLean, VA? Our team of local electricians use the latest tools and equipment to fix mild to severe electrical problems in your house.

Electrical Solutions

  • Lighting
  • Electrical wiring
  • Electrical outlet & light switch installation
  • Ceiling fan installation and replacement
  • Whole-house generator installation
  • Electrical repairs

As the best electrical repair company in McLean, VA, you can trust our team of professionals to maintain the safety and comfort of your house throughout the year.

Indoor Air Quality Services

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside an ordinary home is five times worse than the air you breathe while you’re outside. That goes for McLean as well! Remove air pollutants like dust mites, pollen, and dander with our skilled indoor air quality specialists.

We can build an air care plan customized to meet your home’s specific needs. Whether we install UV lamps to kill bacteria or humidifiers or dehumidifiers to control moisture, you can count on Snell Heating and Air Conditioning to assist your healthful efforts with a call to (703) 543-9649.

McLean, VA Community

McLean sits just 11 miles northwest of Washington D.C. and is home to over 47,000 Virginians. One of the most popular places to visit is Great Falls Park, which sits next to the Potomac River. Make a day out of it by fishing, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, or horseback riding.

When you need to get some shopping done, head over to Tysons Corner Center, a shopping mall with over 300 stores and plenty of dining options. You can get there by car, bus, bike, or metro. It’s a great place to spend the day with family and friends.

If you need help with a plumbing, heating, or air conditioning issue, give our staff a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 to book an appointment.

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