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Water Heater Services

At Snell we know how important a water heater is to the everyday routine of a household. Snell offers round-the-clock water heater services. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained in both electric and gas water heaters. Snell Heating & Air Conditioning provides water heater repair, installation, and replacement services to homes in Virginia.

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Our team is able to provide state-of-the-art techniques by attending a 3-hour training course every week. Not only do we offer same day service and next day installation, but we also offer an extensive list of guarantees. Snell Heating & Air Conditioning provides water heater services in areas of Virginia including Alexandria, Arlington, Reston, and Centreville. Give our team a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 to receive assistance.

6 Signs You Should Schedule a Professional Water Heater Repair Service

Water heaters provide homeowners with a constant supply of hot water to your taps and plumbing fixtures instantly. Without water heaters, we would not be able to enjoy the luxuries of a hot shower. Since water heaters are on constant demand, they are bound to eventually break down from continuous use. Be sure to hire a licensed technician to perform continuous water heater services to ensure it is functioning properly.

Water Heater Services in Arlington & Other Areas of Virginia1.) Irregular Water Temperatures

Do you ever notice your water fluctuating temperatures? This can be a clear indicator that it might be time for a service on your water heater. Accumulation of mineral deposits over time can cover your water heating elements keeping them from working properly.

Relatively new water heaters can generally be repaired, however, if you own an older water heater it might be better to replace it. We recommend keeping all of the paperwork you receive on your water heater to help you determine it’s age and have a general idea of when it should be replaced.

2.) Water Discoloration

Your water should always be colorless! Sedimentation or a rusty tank can cause the water to come out with a brown hue. A rusty tank can leave little particles in your water, which can be hazardous. Keep an eye out for these potential signs!

3.) Losing Hot Water

Water heaters are designed with two heating elements, one being in the top and the other located at the bottom of your system. At any given time, your water heating system has gallons upon gallons of ready to use hot water inside. If you run out of hot water, it is a sign that one or more of your heating elements is not working properly. Contact a local professional to receive the necessary water heater services to restore the flow of warm water throughout your home.

4.) Noisy Tank

Generally speaking, water heater tanks are quiet systems. However, it is perfectly normal for your system to make some noises. If the noises become more intense and you hear sounds such as a “pop,” or “bang,” you may have a good reason call a certified plumber near you to perform a water heater service. It’s important to hire a technician to perform the repairs in a timely manner.

Water Heater Services in Centreville & Other Areas of Virginia5.) Signs of Corrosion

Typically if your water heater shows rust or corrosion on the outside, the inside probably looks the same. You can identify if your water heater has corrosion by examining the outside of the unit for corrosion or rust and if the water is discolored and brown on the inside. Water heaters are meant to last an average of 8-12 years. In order to get the most out of your water heater, it is important to have serviced and cleaned on a regular basis.

6.) Leaking Water

Not only can a water heater leak be pretty dangerous especially if you have pets, small kids, and other electrical appliances around the area. It could contribute to corrosion which can eat away at the outer parts and ultimately make its way into the inside areas of your water heater. If you notice your water heater is leaking water, it is important to contact a professional before this issue worsens.

Water Heater Services Near You in Virginia

Your water heater is one the most important systems in your home. If your water heater fails, Snell is here with 24/7 service. We provide water heater repair, installation, and replacement services to homes in areas of Virginia such as Centreville and Alexandria. Give us a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 to receive assistance.

Call us at (703) 543-9649 for fast, reliable emergency water heater repair or replacement services. Our team of licensed plumbers will help you find a water heater that is large enough to accommodate your family.

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