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Is your home’s air conditioning system ready for the dog days of summer? Prepare your home for those summer heat waves with air conditioning repair and service from Snell Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team of certified technicians is standing by to ensure your home is cool and refreshing all summer long.

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Our staff provides trustworthy air conditioning repair services to homes in areas of Virginia such as Centreville, Alexandria, Arlington, South Riding, and Reston. Give us a call at (703) 543-9649 or book an appointment online to receive assistance with an air conditioning tune-up.

How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

Air conditioners remove moisture and heat from the outside air through the use of a compressor. An air conditioner’s compressor is filled with refrigerant that circulates through the outdoor unit, changing from a gas to a liquid. This liquid is then sent through the indoor evaporator coil where it changes from a liquid to a vapor, removing heat from the surrounding air. This cool air is then circulated throughout the home. As a closed-loop system, this process is then repeated as often as needed to cool the home to the desired temperature.

9 Common Air Conditioner Repair Issues

Are you having trouble with your air conditioner? Don’t fret! As air conditioners age, simple cleaning and small repairs may be needed to keep them in top form. Below are five common reasons your air conditioner may be having an issue and how to repair it:

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is what removes the heat from our homes. When a leak occurs in the coils that house the refrigerant, the levels can become too low to effectively cool the home. Snell Heating & Air Conditioning offers air conditioning services in Virginia. Our technicians can find and repair the leaks and replace the refrigerant to get your AC unit back up and running.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

If the evaporator coils on your air conditioner freeze, there is no way for heat to be absorbed and removed from the home. If your AC unit is blowing warm air, this may be the issue, and calling a service technician should be your next move.

Dirty Condenser Coils

As air conditioners age, dirt can build up on the condenser coils. This dirt can make it harder for the AC unit to do its job and may lead to premature failure. We suggest scheduling an air conditioning repair or tune-up service once a year to remove dirt and grime build-up.

Fan Problems

There are two fans that work to provide cool air to your home. When these fan motors begin to fail, aren’t lubricated properly, or their belts are worn, they lose the ability to circulate air within the home. Have a certified technician take a look if you suspect a worn fan may be causing an issue.

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Clogged Drains

The moisture that is removed from the air in your home needs to be released somewhere. Typically this moisture is removed through a drain line. When this line becomes clogged, the water can back up into the system, causing it to malfunction. Look for leaks around the unit book an air conditioning service appointment with our team if your system stops working.

Air conditioning systems don’t last forever. While your air conditioner may only require a few small repairs, keep in mind that the average lifespan of an air conditioning system is 15-20 years and it may be best to consider a replacement.

Broken Electrical Connections

If you utilize your air conditioner heavily throughout the summer season, the compressor and electrical connections may begin to malfunction. The central air conditioning system relies on an electrical connection to activate and operate the blower motor, compressor, and other components. Issues with the electrical wiring in your air conditioner may prevent the system from starting. To receive support with an issue, give our staff a call at (703) 543-9649. Our team of licensed technicians provides trusted and safe air conditioning repair services.

Indoor Fan is Not Turning On

If your indoor blower motor is not working while the outdoor condensing system is activated, this is an indicator of an issue with your capacitor. Do you notice dark imprints on your capacitor? This is a sign of a broken or leaking capacitor. To properly fix this issue, you will need specialized tools and skills. Call a licensed contractor in your area to perform an air conditioning repair. Problems with the furnace control board may also be the cause of your broken indoor fan. The electrical board may need to be replaced or restored.

House is Too Cold

There are a variety of issues that may cause your air conditioner to provide too much cold air to your house. If your thermostat is installed in a location near a lamp or a computer, it may be reading an incorrect temperature. To ensure your thermostat is able to detect an accurate temperature, avoid installing it in the warmest area of your home. This will cause the thermostat to believe it’s too warm in your house. As a result, the central air conditioning system will operate continuously to keep your house comfortable.

To get an accurate temperature estimate from your thermostat, perform an inspection of your supply vents to ensure they are not clogged. Always keep the supply vents near the thermostat open to ensure the area isn’t too warm. If your house is still too cold after you move the thermostat and adjust the supply vents, you may be required to buy a new thermostat. To receive emergency service for an air conditioning issue, give our team a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 or book an appointment on our site. Our certified HVAC contractors provide fast and trustworthy air conditioning repair services to homeowners in Virginia.

System Trips the Circuit Breaker

It is not normal for a breaker in your electrical panel to trip when the central air conditioner is activated. If this issue occurs each time the system is turned on, this may be an indicator of an improperly grounded compressor. On the other hand, a damaged capacitor may be causing the breaker in your circuit panel to trip. If there are no issues with your capacitor or compressor, you may be required to replace the circuit breaker. It is not uncommon for breakers to malfunction as they become older. To receive assistance diagnosing your tripped circuit breaker, give our technicians a call at (703) 543-9649. Our staff of trained technicians provides air conditioning services near you.

We Work With The Most Trusted Brands!

When you’re in need of air conditioning repair or tune-up, our team is ready! Our certified service technicians are experienced in servicing and installing the following air conditioner brands:

  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • Lennox
  • Bryant
  • York
  • Amana
  • Goodman
  • Rheem
  • Ruud

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When your air conditioning unit is causing you trouble, call the team at Snell Heating & Air Conditioning. You can count on our trusted team to provide you with top-notch air conditioning repair services. Our staff also offers other plumbing and HVAC services including furnace repair, air conditioning installation, water heater maintenance, and heating system installation. We are able to help you with problems such as water heater leaks, broken air conditioners, loud furnaces, and inefficient sump pumps. Our team of friendly, reliable technicians will ensure your home is cool and comfortable. Contact us for an appointment today!

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