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Whole-House Generator Installation Services in Virginia

Are you tired of not being able to cook, wash clothes, and charge your phone anytime a big storm rolls in? Install a whole-house generator to enjoy unlimited, uninterrupted power whenever you need it. Our team of licensed electricians provide dependable whole-house generator installation services for homes in areas of Virginia such as Arlington, Reston, Sterling, Alexandria, Annandale, and Burke. The next time a power outage strikes, you can keep your appliances and devices running like normal.

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4 Benefits of a Whole-House Generator

Whole-house generators offer the following benefits to homeowners in Virginia:

1. Avoid Food Spoilage

No power is bad news for the food in your refrigerator. If the appliance can’t stay cold, the food will start to spoil. Cleaning out spoiled food is a smelly and costly mess. Equip your home with a whole-house generator to avoid wasting time and money on throwing out spoiled food and restocking the refrigerator.

2. Increased Comfort

Whether you need cool air in the summer or warmth in the winter, a whole-house generator will maintain an optimal temperature when the power goes out. Opening windows and layering up with sweaters are a thing of the past.

3. Improved Safety

When you can’t see where you’re going, you’re more prone to slipping, falling, and bumping into things around the house. Invest in a whole-house generator to avoid fumbling around for your phone or a flashlight in the dark.

Our team of whole-house generator installers offer reliable electrical repair services for homeowners in areas of Virginia such as Leesburg, Alexandria, Reston, Burke, Annandale, and Arlington. Our professionals are committed to helping you maintain your electricity when a large power outage occurs in your local area.

4. Protection From Storm Damage

When the power goes out, your sump pump can’t run. This puts your basement at risk of flooding. Invest in a whole-house generator to keep your sump pump running and avoid costly water damage.

Whole-House Generator Installation Services in Arlington, VA

Whole-House Generators vs. Portable Generators

The first step in the generator installation process is deciding which type of generator meets the needs of your home. Thankfully, you only have to choose between two options: portable and whole-house generators. Considering the simple fact that portable generators have a limited run time, we recommend whole-house generators to our clients.

Here are the top reasons why whole-house generators are a superior choice:

  • Longer run time
  • More reliable
  • Greater electrical capacity
  • Automatic activation
  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Doesn’t require refueling

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Whole-House Generator Installation Services in Arlington, VA and Other Areas

If you’re looking for a whole-house generator installer near you, contact the professionals on our team. Our staff of emergency electricians offer exceptional electrical services for families in locations such as Reston, Oakton, Arlington, Annandale, Burke, and Alexandria. We have you covered with 24/7 emergency services, so you never have to worry about whether power will be available during an outage.

Our team of skilled technicians also offer other electrical services such as light fixture installation, electrical wiring replacement, ceiling fan installation, electrical panel upgrades, power outlet installation. If you need help installing a whole-house generator or solving a different electrical issue in your home, give our electricians a call at (703) 543-9649 to schedule an appointment.

If you need help installing a whole-house generator, give our team a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 to schedule an appointment.

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