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Snell has proudly served the Northern Virginia area for more than forty years. We are client-focused, putting homeowner’s concerns at ease with our thorough process. Our skilled technicians are knowledgeable and can determine if it’s time to perform a water heater replacement in your house.

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We offer several guarantees to ensure our expectations meet your satisfaction. Our team of local plumbers provide reliable water heater installation and replacement services in areas of Virginia such as Centreville, Reston, Alexandria, Vienna, and Arlington. Give us a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 or book an appointment online to receive assistance. Calls are answered around the clock, relieving the stress of finding a technician that is available no matter what time it is.

Gas Water Heater Benefits

Investing in a gas water heater installation is an efficient way to lower your monthly utility bills. Gas water heaters use a natural gas line which most homes are equipped with. Using natural gases to heat your water heater tends to be less expensive compared to electric heaters. Due to the lower cost of natural gas, gas water heaters cost less to run.

Electric and gas water heaters have a range of first-hour rating (FHR) values. A higher number means there will be more water available. You will often find a higher FHR with a gas heater. Having a higher FHR will provide homeowners with hot water at a quicker rate. The more water a tank holds, the larger it will be in general. Both electric and gas heaters come in multiple sizes from 20 to 100 gallons.

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Prior to replacing a gas water heater, you will be required to install pipes that extend to the exterior of the home. These pipes are designed to vent poisonous gas from the household. As a result, this type of system is usually bigger and has piping that extends to the exterior of a home. The experts at Snell recommend a gas water heater installation or replacement be based on the number of individuals who reside in the home. On average, homes with 4-5 people will need at least a 50-gallon water tank. Snell Heating & Air Conditioning provides gas and electric water heater installation services to homes in Alexandria and other areas of Virginia.

Water Heater Installation Services in Arlington, VA

Electric Water Heater Benefits

On the contrary to gas water heaters, electric models have lower upfront costs. Since electric systems have fewer parts, it is easier to perform an electric water heater installation. Electric heaters are not attached to a gas line and do not require a vent. In addition, electric systems require less maintenance than gas water heaters. Having natural gasses in the home runs the risk of leaks, and possible explosions. Electric water heaters do not pose these same risks.

There are minimal safety issues to consider while performing an electric water heater replacement. While gas hot water heaters cost less to run, electric heaters are actually more efficient. All energy received is converted into hot water, creating less waste.

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Determining the Best Fit

Every appliance has pros and cons. Knowing the advantages and drawbacks can make water heater installations or replacements a breeze. If you decided that an electric water heater is the best fit for your home, you may pay less upfront but more per month in electricity costs in comparison to the cost of gas. On the contrary, choosing a gas water heater may cost more upfront for the installation, but in the long run, it could cost less per month.

Another thing to consider is that should you experience a power outage, you will also experience the loss of hot water if you choose to perform an electric water heater installation. Also, if a house has a high peak usage, the amount of hot water generated by an electric heater may not suffice to cover the household needs.

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How a Water Heater Works

Both gas and electric water heaters are engineered to allow cold water to enter through a dip tube located at the top. The drip tube funnels water to the bottom of the tank where it is heated.

In electric models, the thermostat is mounted against the side of the internal tank. The thermostat senses if the internal temperature has fallen below the preset threshold. The thermostat will trigger a switch that allows the electricity to flow to the heating element.

Gas water heaters have a special sense called the thermocouple, which senses whether the pilot light is currently burning. When the water temperature in the tank falls, the thermostat sends a signal to the gas control valve, which checks the signal from the thermocouple to make sure there is a pilot light. If so, a valve opens allowing gas to flow to the burner which ignites the flame.

Water Heater Services

Water Heater Replacement & Installation Services in Centreville, VA & Other Locations

Snell Heating & Air Conditioning provides reliable water heater installation and replacement services in areas of Virginia such as Alexandria, Arlington, Reston, and Centreville. We also offer other types of plumbing repair and installation services for malfunctioning water heaters, broken sump pumps, gas leaks, and clogged drains. Give us a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 or book an appointment today to receive assistance.

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