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Buying a new home? Make sure to include maintenance in your budget.

Buying a new home? Make sure to include maintenance in your budget.

If you’ve been approved for a mortgage loan and are planning to buy a house in Northern Virginia, don’t forget about future home expenses as well. Insurance, taxes, and utility bills will need to be included in your budget, but it’s also a good idea to keep money in savings for any appliance breakdowns and preventative maintenance.

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Be Prepared for New Appliance Purchases

There’s never a guarantee as to how well the previous homeowner took care of their appliances. Regardless of its age, an air conditioner, furnace, water heater or other appliance may not have had regular maintenance. It’s a good idea to have some cash stashed away in case something breaks or needs to be replaced.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance Visits

For a small yearly fee, a licensed heating and cooling contractor can check out your air conditioner and furnace. They’ll clean the units and inspect all components so you know if any parts are close to breaking. This may seem like a waste of money especially when you’re trying to furnish and decorate your new home, but it’s well worth it to have peace of mind that you won’t be paying for an entirely new system. Regular maintenance throughout the year will also ensure that your energy bills stay low.

 Don’t Try to Save Money by Fixing Things Yourself

Costs can start to skyrocket when you own a home. You didn’t factor in blinds, curtains, bath rugs, and all the other things that add up. But if something seems wrong with your HVAC system, it’s best to call an expert. The last thing you want to do is mess with electricity or gas when you’re not a trained professional. You’ll end up saving a lot by paying someone qualified to fix it rather than paying for your medical bills if something goes wrong!

Snell Heating and Air Conditioning Can Tell You the Cost of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Call us and we’ll discuss our HVAC maintenance plan prices with you. You’ll know what to expect to pay in order to keep your HVAC system running its best. We may even have a great coupon you can use! Enjoy your new home!