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Fall is a Good Time to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Fall is a Good Time to Improve Indoor Air Quality

We’ve had some cold days in Sterling already this fall, but it looks like we’ll still have some days that warm up to almost 70. During mild temperatures, it’s a good time to air out your home and take some steps to improve indoor air for the upcoming winter. Our homes today are sealed tightly, allowing indoor air pollutants such as chemical cleaners, dust mites, and viruses to linger in the air we breathe, so it’s best to do all you can to eliminate some of those contaminants.

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To keep your home as breathable as possible this fall and winter, follow these tips.

Open Windows on Warm Days

Keep windows open and use an attic fan if you have one. If there are allergy sufferers in your home, open windows during non-peak ragwood hours (at night and early in the morning).

Reduce Humidity in Your Home

Moist air that gets trapped inside will eventually lead to mold growth. So in your bathroom, always use a vent fan to draw out moisture, and invest in a dehumidifier to keep in your basement or other damp areas.

Try to Use Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

It’s very harmful to spray toxic chemicals in your home, especially when there’s no ventilation. Look for cleaners that contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or try using some natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar and distilled water.

Buy an Air Filter That Will Help You Breathe Better

Typical furnace filters trap dust and other small particles, but you can find one that removes the tiniest particles like viruses, bacteria and mold that can lead to respiratory illnesses. Look for a higher MERV rating number of 13 or above to get the cleanest air possible. Talk to a Snell technician for suggestions.

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If you want to ensure safe, breathable indoor air quality in your home this fall and winter, call Snell to make an appointment. We’ll discuss air cleaning systems, air filters, ventilation issues that will give you the cleanest air possible. For peace of mind that your whole family will breathe better while you’re closed up inside this season, call Snell.