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How to Fix LED Lights That Flicker on a Dimmer Switch

How to Fix LED Lights That Flicker on a Dimmer Switch

A steady and reliable light source is a basic feature of any light fixture. However, many LED fixtures leave their owners dealing with dimming and flickering issues. To address these issues, we have created an outline with key insights you should know.

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We investigated the main reasons why LED lights flicker on the dimmer switch and how to avoid these issues, alongside looking at other problems with LED lights. By the end of this article, you’ll better understand what to do if you experience a problem with your lights.

Top Tips for Avoiding Flickering LED Lights

LED lights can flicker on the dimmer setting for several reasons. Here are some of the most common ways to avoid these issues:

Purchase Dimmable LED Bulbs

Not all LED lamps or light bulbs are dimmable. Before wondering what is wrong with the product, double-check that it’s actually dimmable. If the LED light bulb is not dimmable, you can return the product and search for a dimmable alternative.

If the product is dimmable, you can try the remaining solutions. It’s also important to double-check that both items are dimmable. A dimmable light fixture won’t work well if the bulb in it isn’t also dimmable.

Know the Connection Between Lamps and Controls

A defective connection between the lamp and controls can cause your LED lights to flicker on a dimmer switch. The controls may be out of sync with the lamp or the controls can be too old. In addition, the controls may not be designed in a way that allows them to work with the lamp. In any of these cases, the items will not be in sync.

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Buy Well-Tested Products With Good Reviews

Sometimes, you can do everything right prior to purchasing a dimmable LED bulb, but it still will not work. In this case, it may be the product itself. There are many cheap yet ineffective LED light bulbs on the market.

Avoiding these defective products requires some research. Look for something that others have tested and that has good reviews. In addition, restrict your purchases to companies with a reputation for producing good products.

Work with a Lighting Specialist

Working with a lighting specialist is the best solution for dealing with lighting issues. They have the skills and knowledge necessary to address the issue. They may have even dealt with the same issue in the past and know how to fix it quickly.

This is a great solution when other options do not work out. It’s also a great solution for anyone who simply wants to get a fix without having to do all of the troubleshooting themselves.

How to Fix LED Lights That Flicker on a Dimmer Switch

Common LED Lighting Problems and Ways to Respond

While LED lighting can fail for various reasons, a few problems are more likely to pop up than others. Luckily, this also means that equally common methods of responding to these problems exist.

Using the Wrong Current

LED bulbs are designed to handle specific currents. They will experience problems or stop working altogether when dealing with higher currents. The solution to this problem is to match the bulb to the proper current. This simply involves knowing what current you are dealing with and finding a bulb that suits it.

LED Bulbs Overheat

LED bulbs shouldn’t be exposed to high levels of heat. Doing so can cause them to fail. The best way to avoid this problem is to not put LED bulbs in an environment where they are exposed to too much heat.
Some light fixtures pack too many bulbs too close together, and the heat from all of the bulbs spreads across the fixture. Situations like this can and should be avoided.

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Low-Quality Solder and Wire Bonds

Low-quality LED bulbs and fixtures can cause a handful of problems. If the quality of the solder and wire bonds is low, the connections may work for a while but will eventually fail. The easiest way to avoid this issue is to only buy quality products from companies that you trust. This prevents a scam product from leaving you with a headache.

Improper Use of LED Lighting

Some people think throwing an LED bulb into any fixture will work. However, many LED bulbs will not work properly when placed in fixtures designed for incandescent bulbs.

This often comes back to heating, as many old light fixtures aren’t designed to dissipate heat as LED bulbs need them to. The solution here is to only use fixtures designed specifically for LED bulbs. Most modern lamps and other fixtures will fit into this category.

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