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UV Air Disinfection System Can Help You Breathe Easier

UV Air Disinfection System Can Help You Breathe Easier

If you have a newer home that’s sealed airtight, you’re probably enjoying low monthly energy bills since conditioned air isn’t leaking out. But the bad thing about having an airtight home is that mold, bacteria and viruses can get trapped inside and trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Snell Heating and Air Conditioning offers an ultraviolet air disinfection system that uses UV light to clean your ducts and keep your family healthy.

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If you or someone in your family suffers from asthma or is experiencing allergy-like symptoms, our technicians at Snell can help you decide if UV air disinfection is right for your system.

How UV Light Works

In a short visit, we can install a device in your ductwork to get your family breathing cleaner air in no time. We mount ultraviolet lights inside your heating and air conditioning system near the indoor coil where bacteria may grow. The light’s UV rays destroy any microbial growth, leaving a clean indoor coil and fresher, healthier air circulating in your home.

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Snell’s ultraviolet air cleaning system can:

  • Improve heating and cooling system efficiency
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce the need for equipment maintenance
  • Eliminate foul odors

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Being able to breathe well in your own home should be at the top of your list when it comes to comfort. Our HVAC technicians have years of knowledge and expertise in indoor air quality products and services that eliminate contaminants from the air. We offer HEPA Air Filtration, High Efficiency Media Air Cleaner, Electronic Air Cleaner, and Electrostatic Air Cleaner, all of which remove the tiniest harmful particles from the air in your home. Call us today to discuss how we can help your family breathe easier. We look forward to hearing from you!