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Benefits of Humidifiers: 11 Household Items That Can Be Ruined in Low Humidity

Benefits of Humidifiers: 11 Household Items That Can Be Ruined in Low Humidity

Has your piano seemed out of tune? Is your wine not tasting right? Is your wallpaper starting to peel? These are common indicators of dry air in your home.

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Most of us in Northern Virginia realize that not having enough moisture in the air during winter can cause problems with dry skin, scratchy throats and even nosebleeds. The benefits of using humidifiers in your home include avoiding damage to wood furniture, wallpaper, and wood flooring. When the humidity levels in your home drop to as low as 10%, you may start to notice damage wood or paper products in your home. The following items in your home are at risk if you don’t have a warm air humidifier.

Items to Keep Out of Low Humidity Environments



A benefit of humidifiers in the home include prolonged lifespans of wine. The cork in a wine bottle is designed to swell to block air from getting in and ruining the flavor. If you don’t have a warm air humidifier in your home, the dry air will cause the wine cork to shrink. This will allow air to contaminate the taste of your wine. Would you like to install a humidifier in your home? Give our team a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 to learn more about humidifier benefits and to receive installation services.

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Stamps & Photographs

If you have a stamp collection, it will take a big hit from dry air. You’ll notice fading colors and curling edges as moisture pulls away from the stamps. A clear benefit of humidifiers for homeowners includes protecting picture frames, stamps, and photographs from the damaging effects of dry air.


Wood Floors and Doors 

If you have hardwood flooring in your home, you may be interested in learning about humidifier benefits and the effects of dry air on wood products. Installing a warm air humidifier in your home will prevent the formation of cracks in your wood floor. Hardwood planks can start to pull apart when humidity is low enough to make them shrink.

In addition, your cabinets and doors may not be able to close completely due to swelling and shrinking caused by low humidity levels. We offer humidifier repair and installation services for homes in Northern Virginia in areas such as Arlington, Centreville, Alexandria, and Reston. Schedule an appointment and talk with a certified technician to become familiar with the benefits of investing in a humidifier.


Wallpaper and Drywall

If you have recently conducted a remodel of your family room or master bedroom, you may be interested to learn that a benefit of humidifiers includes protection for your expensive wallpaper and drywalls. Without a humidifier, these items may begin to peel and crack if they get too dry.

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Computers and TVs: 

If you have expensive hardware such as computers, televisions, speakers, and stereos in your home, it’s important to be aware of the damaging effects of dry air on your products. One of the biggest humidifier benefits is protecting your electrical equipment from the damaging effects of static electricity and dry air.


When your budding musician sounds worse than he did yesterday, don’t automatically assume it’s him who can’t carry a tune. Pianos, guitars, and other wooden instruments sound different when the wood starts to shrink due to low humidity. A benefit of humidifiers includes the preservation of the musical instruments in your home.

Humidifier Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of humidifiers and protect your wood floors, furniture, hardware, instruments, and drinks from the damaging effects of dry air. Relative indoor humidity levels should stay around 40 to 60 percent in order to prevent damage to things in your home. By having a whole-house humidifier installed, you can get the right amount of moisture back into your home for more comfortable breathing, tastier wine, and a happier piano player.

Snell Heating and Air Conditioning can install a whole house humidifier in your home for you before colder, dryer air sets in. We also offer reliable HVAC services such as furnace repair, air conditioning installation, furnace replacement, and air conditioning repair for homes in Virginia. Give us a call by phone at (703) 543-9649 or schedule an appointment online to receive assistance.