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8 Causes of Low Water Pressure in Houses & Ways to Fix

8 Causes of Low Water Pressure in Houses & Ways to Fix

Is the unexplainable low water pressure in your house driving you crazy? To help you diagnose and fix the issue, we have created a list of different types of problems that may be the source of the low water pressure in your kitchen, shower, or basement.

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What Causes Low Water Pressure in Homes?

Damaged Pressure Regulator

Not all types of plumbing system come with a pressure regulator. If your system does not have a pressure regulator, you can move on to any of the other causes of low water pressure below. This mechanism adjusts the flow of water coming into your home to maintain the longevity of your pipelines. Otherwise, determine whether your pressure regulator is reading or reporting the water pressure correctly by attaching a pressure gauge to the host spigot outside your house.

Turn on your water and check to see whether it reads an amount lower than what the pressure regulator stated. If this is the case, the regulator is most likely going to need a replacement. If you’re comfortable working in your plumbing pipes, you can try this yourself, but a licensed plumber can save you the trouble of inspecting your pipes.

Clogged PipesBlockage in Pipes

One of the most well-known causes of low water pressure in houses is a clogged pipe. If you already checked under your drain and didn’t see anything, this is a sign the blockage is deeper down in the sewer line. Clogs in sewer pipes can be caused by small to large obstructions that are inhibiting the flow of waste materials and water.

We highly recommended you let our team of licensed plumbers in Fairfax, VA perform an inspection and determine where the blockage is in your sewer pipes. This way, you don’t have to take apart, reassemble, and potentially cross-contaminate different areas of the plumbing system. We also wouldn’t want you to pour corrosive chemicals in the pipes you’ll be drinking out of.

Partially Closed Water Meter Valve

If you’re experiencing low water pressure in your house, a water meter valve, which regulates how much water comes in, could be the culprit. Especially if you just had your home remodeled or renovated! Contact your water provider so they can inspect the valve and look to see whether or not it was ever opened back up fully after the last time it was shut. Otherwise, it can be tough to get to, particularly when it’s far underground.

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PipesWater Distributor Issues

You may not have to schedule any sort of plumbing repair or replacement work: your water service provider could already be on the case! Check with your neighbors to see if they have low water pressure in their houses. If your neighbors are having issues, have someone reach out to the water provider. We recommend planning what your options are in the case that it takes more than a day or two to resolve.

Partially Closed Primary Shutoff Valve

If the neighborhood isn’t experiencing low water pressure, and there’s no obstruction where water comes out of the faucet, it’s time to look in-between with the primary or main shutoff valve. Once you notice low water pressure in your house, you will need to perform an inspection of the primary shutoff valve to confirm it is fully open. You can find the shutoff valve where the municipal water supply line meets your plumbing system or somewhere outside your house. Fully open it up by either spinning the handle counter-clockwise as much as possible or lowering it so the lever is parallel to the pipe.

Pipe Mineral Collection

Another one of the main causes of low water pressure is tied to your hard water supply and pipe integrity. Typically, the water that’s brought to your house contains a high amount of minerals that collect together over time to form sediment blockages. If there are even hairline fractures in your pipes, these can let in sand, dirt, and other contaminants that pile up over time. Normally, check any area of piping if you believe you have mineral deposits. If this is the case, pour in a chemical solution to break them down and flush them out.

Interior Pipe Deterioration

The latest plumbing systems are made to last for years using materials such as galvanized steel. Despite this, the water constantly running down the inside of the pipes can wear them down over time. This textured surface creates friction and causes low water pressure in houses. In this situation, call a certified plumber to perform a water line installation to replace the corroded pipes on your property.

PipesPipe Leaks

It’s always possible that low water pressure in the house is caused by leaks in your pipes. The small cracks and holes in your pipes will allow water to exit into the ground before it reaches the faucet spout. Without professional help, you should be able to check for the presence of leaks yourself by shutting off all water taps coming from your home and recording the meter reading. If after a couple of hours your water usage has increased without anything being turned on, you probably have a leak that you’ll need to call Snell Heating and Air Conditioning to seal.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Water Pressure

Get your water pressure back by tackling the causes of low water pressure head-on. This includes eliminating clogs, opening the main water valve, replacing your pressure regulator, and inspecting for leaks. Removing clogs, fully opening up any valves, and switching out a faulty regulator will put an end to anything inhibiting the free flow of the water supply into your plumbing system. Checking the system for leaks allows you to maintain the integrity of your system so it doesn’t break down faster and so you can stop spending money and resources on the water you’re not using. Contact a licensed technician to fix the low water pressure in your house efficiently and effectively.

Plumbing Repair & Installation Services

Low water pressure in a house where you’re trying to take a quick shower or scrub your dishes clean can become really frustrating really quickly. Especially because there are or can be numerous causes of low water pressure! Don’t let inexperience damage your plumbing system while you find a solution. Count on the highly-trained, licensed, and certified plumbers on our team to eliminate your poor water pressure. We offer emergency plumbing services such as sump pump repair, drain cleaning, gas line replacement, and water heater repair. We’ll fix your low water pressure the right way. Give our team a call at (703) 543-9649 or request an appointment online to receive help with a problem.