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8 Ordinary Sump Pump Problems & How To Fix

8 Ordinary Sump Pump Problems & How To Fix

How to Fix Your Sump Pump

A sump pump is your home’s defense against flooding. However, when it begins failing, it could worsen the outstanding problem or even trigger the inundation of your basement or crawlspace. If your sump pump is constantly running or inoperable, we have created a list of ordinary types of sump pump problems and troubleshooting methods.

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No Water in Sump Pit

If there is no water in your sump pump pit and your system doesn’t seem to be malfunctioning, it may not be connected to the drainage system in your home correctly. You should have a drain tile inside or outside your home that collects incoming groundwater and diverts it to your sump pump. From there, your pump pushes it into the sump basin to drain away.

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Clogged Switches & Sump Pumps

There are a lot of problems that may cause the switch that is integrated with your sump pump to fail. The source of the broken switch may be dirt or debris in the sump pit. In addition, the float switch that is engineered to maintain the sump pump may be stuck. We can take a look to determine whether you need some basic maintenance, repair, or a replacement with an airtight lid and even a pedestal.

Loss of Power

Your sump pump can’t work if a storm knocks down your power, your circuit breaker trips, or the pump gets unplugged. Snell can help you put in a high-performing, battery-powered pump and verify that it has a battery backup and alarm system so you know when your home’s vulnerable.

Drain LinesIce in Discharge Lines

A sump pump rids itself of water through discharge lines. However, it is not abnormal for the drainage pipes to become frozen during the winter season. To eliminate this problem, a licensed technician can install a line attachment that prevents water from flowing out to the icy lines. In addition, a certified plumber in Ashburn, VA is able to reroute your lines to keep them clear, covered, and far from your foundation.

Sump Pump is An Incorrect Size

Believe it or not, there is a right-sized sump pump for your home. If your sump pump is constantly running, this is a sign that your pump is too big or small. Since an undersized sump pump will struggle to remove water from your basement, it will reach the end of its life cycle at a faster rate. For the most part, it’s safest to replace an old sump pump with another of the same size. If your home sits in a swampy/marshy area or contains a high vertical lift or long-running pipes, a licensed plumber can consult you on how a larger-sized pump could help if needed.

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Incorrect Installation

We previously mentioned that an improperly-installed sump pump can keep it from pushing water out of your home. A poor installation job would mean that your pump wasn’t stabilized, set onto a clean surface, or given a check valve to prevent backflow and a discharge line relief hole to release air pressure.

Sump Pump

Not Performing Maintenance

Fortunately for homeowners like yourself, there’s not a lot you have to do to keep your sump pump in tip-top shape! During dry spells, pour some water into the crock occasionally to keep it running and lubricated. Call a licensed technician prior to the spring season to ensure your sump pump is prepared for thunderstorms and rain showers. A certified technician will clean or replace the parts in your sump pump to prevent problems during the spring and summer seasons.

Defective Model & Product

Every once in a while, sump pump components are manufactured with some sort of error or flaw. To prepare for this rare occurrence, we test your sump pump right after installation. You should register the warranty with the manufacturer and keep your receipt anyway in case you have to file a claim later on.

4 Common Sump Pump Noises

Besides the alarm, there are other sounds your sump pump could make to indicate that there’s a problem.

Grinding Noises

If there’s a grinding sound coming from your sump pump, the impeller could be stuck or in need of replacement. This part keeps water from coming up your pump, so a licensed technician will ensure it’s working right correctly when you schedule an appointment.

NoiseClanging Noises

Clanging noises can come from pipe vibrations while the sump pump is operating. The quickest way to fix this problem is to insulate the pipes that are connected to the pump. Otherwise, you may just need a knowledgeable technician to retrofit your discharge pipe so it’s in a more functional (and quieter) position.

Humming Noises

A sump pump usually runs with a humming sound. If it’s noticeably noisier than usual: try cleaning out the vent hole, resetting the check valve to discharge, and carefully warming up frozen pipes. If none of those options work, schedule an appointment with us to clean or replace your impeller and filter.

Banging Noises

A certified contractor can securely fasten down your discharge pipes to keep them from banging around with wiring and brackets. In addition, a technician will inspect the internal wiring and parts in your sump pump to ensure you do not encounter problems throughout the year.

Sump Pump Repair & Installation Services

If you have a sump pump problem, trust our team to take care of it. We offer dependable sump pump repair and installation services for homes in your local area. We will get your pedestal or submersible pump running smoothly so your family doesn’t have to deal with a stressful basement flooding ever again. In addition, our team of local plumbers in Alexandria, VA and other areas offer repair and maintenance services for water heater leaks, clogged drains, and damaged gas pipes. All you need to do is call our expert plumbers to keep your home safe and sound.