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Flooded HVAC Equipment May Need to Be Replaced

Flooded HVAC Equipment May Need to Be Replaced

As many roads across Northern Virginia are closing due to floods, we are well aware that Fairfax County and surrounding area homes are taking in water. Depending on how deep the water is around your HVAC equipment, you may need to call Snell to discuss whether repairing or replacing is best.

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Turn Off Your AC if It Has Been Affected By Floodwater

The most important thing you must do if your home has taken in water is to deactivate electrical controls to your air conditioner in order to avoid danger. Leave the AC system off until Snell HVAC technicians are able to perform a safety inspection.

Flooded Air Conditioning Systems

Here are some things to consider if your air conditioning system has been affected by floodwater. Note that a licensed HVAC contractor should always check the electrical connections and circuits after a flood to address safety concerns.

  • If your air conditioner sits in at least a foot of standing water, there may be damaged moving parts and electrical components.
  • If water is so deep that it has re-positioned the indoor or outdoor units of a split system by even a small amount, there could be refrigerant leaks and the system will require a major repair or full replacement.
  • If the refrigerant system remains intact, the entire system will need to be cleaned, dried, and disinfected.

Flooded Ductwork

Here is how we usually address flooded ductwork.

  • When duct insulation has been in contact with floodwater, we will almost always replace it because it is impossible to decontaminate.
  • We will clean, dry, and disinfect ductwork that floodwater has touched, which requires completely disassembling it. The good thing about this is that it will allow us to seal joints and cracks in the ductwork, which can reduce heating and cooling costs.

Play it Safe and Contact Snell For Questions About Flooded HVAC Equipment!

Our technicians have the proper training and tools to examine your air conditioner and other HVAC equipment after a flood. Please don’t address these issues yourself. Call us so your family stays safe.