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Do You Know How to Stay Warm in a Winter Power Outage?

Do You Know How to Stay Warm in a Winter Power Outage?

We’re only expecting mild temps and a few flurries this next week, but since Northern Virginia is notorious for winter storms, we know our time is coming. To avoid having to scramble for information before it does, check out these tips on how to safely stay warm if your power goes out. Make sure read our post about avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning before using another heat source!

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Turn up the heat before the storm.

If you have enough advance notice that the storm is coming, which you should thank to smart technology and our amazing meteorologists, turn up the thermostat for a few hours before it hits. Having your home at a higher temperature will take longer for it to drop once the furnace stops working.

Trap warm air in and keep cold air out.

Make sure your doors and windows have sufficient seals around them now, and on the day of bad weather, put towels under doors to keep heat from escaping. Also hang thick blankets over windows if they don’t have insulated curtains.

Have coats, hats, and gloves ready.

We all have kids who refuse to wear coats, and even some adults don’t like to deal with hats and gloves when simply getting in and out of the car. But if you’re trapped in your home with frigid temps and a furnace that’s not working, you’ll all want to cover every inch of your bodies. Also have long johns and lots of fleece you can layer, as layering is the very best way to trap body heat in.

Make sure the fireplace is safe and ready.

If you haven’t had your fireplace inspected in a while, have it done now while temperatures are mild. Then stock up on firewood and make sure your flue is open to allow proper ventilation. A warm fire during a winter power outage can do wonders at keeping everyone warm in one room.

Have warm supplies ready in the basement.

Yes, basements are colder than the rest of the house, but if the temperature in your home drops quickly due to strong cold winds plowing through your walls, the basement will keep you warm.  That’s because the ground has an insulating quality and can maintain a temperature of say 45 instead of 30. So have a stack of blankets ready downstairs in case you all end up there.

Call Snell after electricity is restored.

Hopefully, when the electricity comes on, your furnace will start working again. If it doesn’t, give Snell Heating and Air Conditioning a call to make sure there’s no electrical issue.