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Why Replacing your Furnace and AC Unit Together can Save Money

Why Replacing your Furnace and AC Unit Together can Save Money

If you’re in the market for a new furnace for your Sterling home, it may be a good time to consider a new AC unit as well. It may not make sense to replace something that isn’t broken yet, but there are reasons to consider purchasing both units together.

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The Age of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners usually need replacement after 10 to 15 years, while furnaces sometimes last up to 20. So if your furnace is showing signs of quitting and you bought it at the same time as the AC, your cooling system may not be far from going kaput. It may make sense to go ahead and replace your air conditioner in cooler months before you really need it.

A Match Made in HVAC Heaven

You may be able to save money on both your initial purchase and on energy bills by replacing both systems at once.

Matched systems often use the same air handler, which reduces equipment cost, size and energy use. They’re designed to work together to reduce wear-and-tear on parts, which mismatched systems don’t do as well. And if you choose to replace only the broken unit, you won’t reap the maximum benefits of saving maximum on energy bills.

Installation Savings

Having an air conditioner and furnace installed at once is almost always less expensive than installing two systems a few years apart. And you may find that their warranties cover more parts over a longer period when compared to individual systems.

Talk to a Snell Technician Before Making a Decision

If you’re planning to replace either a furnace or an air conditioner in the near future, be sure to call us first. We can discuss with you the benefits of replacing both systems at once, and perform an inspection to see if replacement is the best option. A great time to discuss this is during an HVAC maintenance appointment, so if you haven’t scheduled your furnace tune-up, call us soon to set it up.