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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning; Don’t Use These Heat Sources

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning; Don’t Use These Heat Sources

If you’re still without power in Northern Virginia, we’re praying that it comes back on soon. Luckily we’re getting above freezing temperatures, but it’s still cold with no working furnace in your home.

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All of us at Snell are concerned for your safety and want to make it clear that carbon monoxide is a very real concern. If you’re using alternative heating methods to stay warm inside your home, make sure they are safe.

Don’t use the car in your garage to stay warm.

It’s tempting to sit in your car or van since it’s heater still works, but never sit in your running vehicle without opening the garage door at least halfway. You’ll breathe deadly carbon monoxide fumes within minutes.

Don’t use portable gas stoves, charcoal grills or flameless chemical heaters indoors.

All of these should only be used outside because they emit dangerous CO2 gases.

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Don’t turn on your gas oven for an extended period of time.

Yes, the oven in your home gives you a substantial amount of heat to warm a room. But many stoves raise concentrations of carbon monoxide to a deadly level. Using it to cook is okay, but leaving it on to use for heat is not safe.

Don’t use a generator inside your home, garage or basement or less than 20 feet from any window, door, or vent.

If you do use a generator, point it so the exhaust is away from the house. Follow these guidelines to find out how to safely use a backup generator.

Hopefully the entire Washington D.C. area will be cleared out with power restored soon. If you have problems with your furnace when the power comes back on, our HVAC technicians at Snell Heating and Air Conditioning would be happy to help. Stay safe and as warm as you possibly can!