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Two-Stage Vs Variable-Speed Air Conditioners: Advantages & Differences

Two-Stage Vs Variable-Speed Air Conditioners: Advantages & Differences

How a Two-Stage Air Conditioner & Variable-Speed Air Conditioner Operate

Two-stage air conditioners and variable-speed air conditioners have a stark difference in performance capabilities. Variable-speed air conditioners are known to have as many as 700 different compressor settings. This is significant given that the number of settings directly relates to the various levels of air flow.

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Although two-stage air conditioners offer two separate compressor speeds, rather than the one speed offered by single-stage air conditioners, they still can’t compete with the features from a variable-speed compressor. The different settings allow you to run your air conditioner by using only as much power as you want or need.

Two-Stage Vs Variable-Speed Air Conditioners: Advantages & Differences

Two-Stage Air Conditioning Systems: Benefits & Drawbacks

Since a two-stage air conditioner can run at different speeds, it’s more efficient than single-stage air conditioners that only run at full power. Two-stage systems are offered at great prices and offer value with mid-level productivity. However, a drawback of a two-stage air conditioner is that you don’t get as many customization options as far as the total amount of energy the system uses to cool down your home with the compressor.

Variable-Speed Air Conditioners: Benefits & Drawbacks

Variable-speed air conditioners are designed to bring you maximum energy efficiency and a quiet operation. This is especially true when they’re using only a small portion of the power capacity. You’ll save on energy costs and maintain a more consistent temperature around the house. However, the initial purchase of a variable-speed air conditioner is expensive.Not to mention the high price of its replacement parts during repairs and maintenance too.

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Differences Between Variable-Speed Compressors and Variable-Speed Blowers

Although they sound similar, variable-speed compressors and variable-speed blowers are not the same things. Read below for more details on their differences.


What Is a Variable-Speed Blower?

When it comes to your air conditioner, a “blower” is just the unit that’s found inside your house. More specifically, this indoor unit has a large fan that blows air to circulate through your ducts. Since it’s a variable-speed blower, the fan can run faster or slower to circulate the exact amount of cold air you need. This means that you can pair a variable-speed blower with a two-stage or variable-speed air conditioner. The blower will be limited to the full power capacity of a central air conditioning system.

What Is a Variable-Speed Compressor?

Variable-speed compressors are located in the outdoor air conditioner unit and enhance the performance of variable-speed blowers. So although a variable speed blower can operate with any other kind of air conditioner compressor, the blower and compressor are powerful when they are integrated together. They make it easy to gain excellent climate control, humidity control, operating efficiency, and a quiet operation.

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